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The Dragons Breath News Letter #4

Hello Dragons we are working on the swag for fans and families. We will have it up right away. 
Hi, the overwhelming majority of parents liked our Sunday times so that is what we will go with. We are on for Sunday the 19th and June 2nd and keep going with June 16, 30 which gets us to Tournament season.  Lets Make the time 5pm so that those in baseball tournaments that are not worn out from all the running around diamonds can join us after their early or late exit from the diamonds.  I am working on adding the google calendar to the web site so that everyone can see all of these dates.  It should be up there tomorrow.

Sorry for the up in the air dates; we found that we had a conflict with other events.  
What we have are 3 solid dates for Fire Dragons events.  
July 7 Central City 5 v 5 football tournament.  We will support these guys as we hope that more organizations provide events that our club can attend.
July 20th Playmaker 7v7 Iowa Elite tournament.  We will move forward strong and hopefully bring some national level teams to compete with us.  We are always after competition to help us grow. 
August 4 Iowa 7 on 7 Football Preseason Kick Off – This will start our last event of the summer and the start of camps and preparation for high school, Junior high, YSF and youth flag seasons.

I will be in touch as soon as I find some teams for us to scrimmage

Fan Gear
We will have a link to some awesome Fire Dragons Fan Gear.  I want to make sure we are ready to go for our events.  

There were several families that needed help with getting new uniforms re-ordered.  Please let me know if the problem is the top, Bottom or both.  I will get orders in at an extra charge for the replacement parts.  Our Uniform cost is $60.  I would like all reorders in to me by Monday the 13th.  

Photos from the tournament can be found on hotfeetsports facebook page @hotfeetsports on facebook.  There is a playmaker album.  Thank you to all that took and posted pictures.

Link to the pay by credit card is below

Please let me know if you have any questions 
thank you for your support #roastem

7v7 Football the basics

7v7 football is very popular around the United states. Every team from highschool to college to professionals use 7v7 as part of their practices in order to work on the passing game fundamentals and schemes needed to be effective on game day. What people did is take that period and turn it in the the actual game that is played. The game is wildly popular in California, Texas and most southern states. However, rules vary from group to group. National Groups include Pylon 7v7 and National 7on7

7v7 or 7on7 is not flag football. There is no blocking, no tackling, no flag pulling and contact is not encouraged. The primary contact in the game is the one hand touch to mark a player down at the spot of the touch. The reason this is awesome is it encourages the game to continue playing fast which, is when the fun is happening. More plays, mean more routes run, mean more passes thrown and caught or defended, means more fun for all participants.

7v7 is actually 6v7 with 6 offensive players that are not part of the offensive line. The other 5 players of 11 man football have to be part of the offensive line and are not eligible to go down field when passing. There are 7 defenders that are normally working to defend the passing game. That is any combination of Linebackers, Corners and Safeties can be used to defend the pass. for example 3 linebackers and 2 safeties and 2 corner is on group or 4 linebackers, 2 corners and 1 safety.

The Hotfeet Fire Dragons 7on7 club is a grassroots club dedicated to building understanding of the game of football through participation in tournaments, and practices where size does not matter if you can throw and catch or even run in the right direction you can play. Yes you have to be able to run in the right direction. Nobody will throw you the ball if you are going the wrong way.

Youth Baseball Position Rotation

I have coached youth baseball for over 10 years and for many of those seasons I struggled with how to track who was where, when, and how many times one little guy, or girl was playing what position.  The ages I am addressing in this post range from 3 yr old Tee ball through 9U travel ball.  The reason for this range is because this is where most kids are being introduced to the game and really don’t have any ideas about positions they like.  Yes, there will be that kid who does not want to be the catcher no matter what, but that is generally the exception.  This time frame is the time for exploration and discovery.  This time is also time for headache for coach if you are not prepared.  You will have mom, dad, gramps and granny too, breathing down your neck because they came all that way and little Harry or Sally didn’t get to play first base as much as the other kids.  What I have for you coaches is a simple method to track all of it and know what is coming next.  We will start with the rotation matrix in this post.  Another post will go into the benefits of batting the next kid up.

The rotation matrix as I like to call it is a simple way to track who is going and who has already gone.  The process is simple but takes a little bit of thinking to set up.   A key to success for this is to remove all players from your bench spots the next rotation.  Another point to consider is if you have all players playing it may be simpler to swap major locations and only rotate high action spots like first and pitcher.

  1. Start with a list of all players on the team in a Players column
  2. At the top fielding row header list all positions on the field according to classic baseball numbering plus the amount of bench spots.
    1. This list will be the amount of innings it takes to fully rotate all players through the matrix.
  3. List the number of players you have that would be sitting on the bench as a position
    1. If you have 13 players and are playing with 10 players on the field add 3 bench spots so that there are 13 places for people to rotate through
  4. When you have the players listed and all of the spots listed in a row do the following
    1. Go to column 1 denoting the first inning  and put numbers in counting down from position 1 all the way to your final bench spots.
    2. In the example below we started with 1 and finished at 13.
  5. At this point you have a choice to make.
    1. You can continue happily rotating your kids in a position circle from 1 to 2 to 3 etc.  This is simple enough and will allow you to track where everyone is.  It will do the job of keeping visiting grandparents happy with what is going on because they don’t feel that the next million dollar arm is being left on the bench for too long.
    2. The other method is the one I have below where a map of the rotation is needed to track who is going where next.  Look at illustration B for the map.


Illustration A the Rotation Matrix.

Fielding Matrix 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Player Player Number Positions Rotation for (2 innings)
Brody 3 1 11 7 4 10 2 12 6 8 3 13 5 9
Ben 6 2 12 6 8 3 13 5 9 1 11 7 4 10
Tyson 7 3 13 5 9 1 11 7 4 10 2 12 6 8
Broden 8 4 10 2 12 6 8 3 13 5 9 1 11 7
Tristan 9 5 9 1 11 7 4 10 2 12 6 8 3 13
Luke 10 6 8 3 13 5 9 1 11 7 4 10 2 12
Garrett 13 7 4 10 2 12 6 8 3 13 5 9 1 11
Sam 21 8 3 13 5 9 1 11 7 4 10 2 12 6
Cal 22 9 1 11 7 4 10 2 12 6 8 3 13 5
Caden 24 10 2 12 6 8 3 13 5 9 1 11 7 4
Ryan 27 11 7 4 10 2 12 6 8 3 13 5 9 1
Texton 35 12 6 8 3 13 5 9 1 11 7 4 10 2
Sam 87 13 5 9 1 11 7 4 10 2 12 6 8 3

Illustration B Rotation flow diagram

Rotation Flow
Rotation Flow chart

As you can see from the rotation flow chart.  Each position, even the bench positions are listed on the diagram and numbered to correspond with a position on the matrix.  Notice that when a player goes to the bench it is only for a single rotation.  Additionally, remember that it is important to keep kids moving and energized.  That is why they move in a web from infield to outfield to out of the game.  I have found that this type of movement keeps kids excited about where they are going next.  The benefits are many with implementing this type of system for youth sports.

1.   Kids stay engaged and are excited about where they go next
2.  Parents can follow along and you have a written record of where all players are going.
3.  you know exactly where to start for the next game
4.  There is no argument about who is playing where next or complaints because the matrix ensures that all players will get a chance at all spots.
5.  This can be delegated to a parent helper to keep the rotation.

So there you have it in full flow.  The matrix made following along and tracking where we go next easy for our team.  We will use it again this season so that our players can be trained.  The best part of this was that by the end of the season.  I was able to see each kid in the positions several times and know where they had strengths that would help us at the state championships.  What will affect this a bit is  how you account for pitchers and the face that they may not make it through their 2 innings.  We used this for all of our tournaments except for the last one where our parents knew

Recruiting Real Talk E7 Where Your Supposed to Be

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Former Detroit Lion, Chicago Bear and Iowa Hawkeye Defensive Lineman Mike Wells shares the recruiting story of his son Logan who has signed with the Air Force Academy. This is truly a recruiting story of finding your true fit, which is hard. Mike says it clearly that finding where you’re supposed to be is tough but worth it.

There are several points that are important to take away from this story.

  1. Learn more about the types of schools that your ACT scores can take you to.
    1. This Prep Scholar site has been a pretty good resource for information about grades and ACT comparisons.
    2. Different schools have different entrance requirements.  Mike mentioned a time where Logan asked the recruiter from an Ivy League school about chances of getting in with out football.  The response was “If you couldn’t rush the passer we are not having this conversation”.  To clarify, what he was saying is you need something more than just good grades to get into the most competitive schools.
  2. When you attend a camp on campus or a showcase understand that eyes are everywhere and they are evaluating you the second you show up.
  3. Parents don’t be shy about sharing information about your kid with perspective schools.  Like mike mentioned several times his wife sent out about 1k messages before all said and done.

I hope you enjoy Mikes story and heed his warnings.

Find out more about JC Moreau and the Strength U

Beginning and end music by The Original Chu, Where I’m Supposed To Be

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Recruiting Real Talk E6 Parent Perspective

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How does a corn fed Midwestern Iowa girl end up at University of Tampa in Florida to play the new sport of Beach Volleyball?  The great part of this story is that you get to listen to the amazing details as told from her mom Rachael Overton.  Learn how they were able to use her camp and showcase experience to gauge her interest in playing division 1 volleyball and what allowed them to find where their daughter would truly be happy.  Tampa is far away from Iowa but close to her heart and that is what matters.  The happy relief can be heard in this mom’s voice as her hard working daughter has found a college home that suits her academically and athletically.

Take aways:
Rachel and family used NCSA more for the database which provided them contact information for coaches and data about majors

Finding a high level of competition helped them find the right level of college for their daughter who ended up not wanting the D1 life. like US News and Word Report Rankings

There are many resources out there that can provide information about colleges and their majors but it is important that you get a feel for the life of the school.  If you can attend a camp to see if it is a right fit.

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Recruiting Real Talk E5 Vball

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Recruiting Real Talk E5 Vball Game. Trevor Bollers and JC Moreau serve up an energetic interview with Lauren Hansen a 12 year expert that has helped many young athletes realize their dream of playing college volleyball. E5 pushes the show past basic recruiting into the world of club recruiting where everyone on the team is working for the same goal individually. We cover how to stand out in a crowd, the importance of positive social media and resources like Your job as a parent is to support and get educated about this world of college athletic recruiting. Discover how important body language is on and off the court, and grow your knowledge to help your favorite athlete reach their goal of playing at the next level. It is great food for thought so DIG in and enjoy the show. @hotfeetsports @thestrengthu @myrecruitingassistant @iowarockets #recruitingrealtalk

USSSA 7U Coach Pitch Baseball Diamond Dimensions

The USSSA 7U Coach Pitch Baseball field is marked differently than a regular diamond.  Several of the lines are for player and coach safety.   The other lines are for 7U baseball specific game play.  Below you will see a diagram of the field and the line markings.  I know as a coach I always needed this diagram to share with other coaches because most everyone coaching 7U have no experience with the game and field.  I hope this helps get your team going.  Check out the rest of the Hot Feet Sports 7U offerings and follow the link to our Store on Baseball Rampage for the gear you will need to have a successful season.

USSSA 7U Baseball Coach Pitch DIamond Field Layout

The 30′ Safety line is the primary safety measure for players and coaches.  No one is allowed inside of the line.  I have personally seen line drive hits by 7 year olds that could take a coaches head off.  Many of my fellow coaches have been lucky to barely get out of the way in time to avoid being hit.

Game play markings are as follows

  • The halfway lines show if a runner gets to advance to the next base on a dead ball or if they have to return to the previous base.  This is very important as runs can be scored this way.
  • The 20′ arc is for foul balls.  Any ball touched or stopped in this area is considered foul.
  • 10′ pitchers circle requires that the child playing the pitcher defensive spot has one foot inside of the circle before the ball is hit.

I hope this diagram is helpful to all of you coaches out there.  Good luck on your seasons.


2017 Camps and showcases round 1 Football top 5

Tis the season to get out there and show what you’ve got.  While the college guys are hitting up all star bowls and the NFL combine.  The High school seniors are showing off their talents at the Under Armor All American and and the Army All American games as well as some states do their all star games early.  The rest of the high school and JH world are hard at work trying to show early and often that they can compete against national talent.  That is what this is all about in today’s day and age where sometimes its hard for a stand out athlete to prove that they are stand out because their only venue is 8 man football in small towns across the country.  Since you are not attending IMG academy or, Bishop Gorman where can a guy go to compete.  We have 5 chances for that comparison to happen.

1. Local D1 Camps –

College Football Fan Map

These camps will attract players from across the state and the country depending on who is invited.  Remember though to bring your A game and don’t be offended if you don’t get a lot of attention. People have their favorites, ranked kids and their own children at these camps.  You coming in as a barnstormer looking to prove your self may not get the love you are looking for.  No worries prove them wrong on the field.

2. Nike Opening

The Regionals schedule has been  posted but don’t run and sign up right away.  Your first task is to get the hudl app.  Problem being that for some sort of contract reason they only did it with IOS.  Oh well so you have to find a friend with an IOS device then get your testing results loaded on to hudl.  When that is done you are evaluated via the app.  I am pretty sure they already have the analytics to alert them when a user has a top 200 score.  The actual regional is now an invitation only party.  So get yourselves in shape, practice the testing events, grab the app and show em what you got.  One reason this camp is rated number 2 is because they don’t rely on HS coaches to do the work for you.  This is an athlete centered process.  Best of luck.

3. Rivals Camp Series

Rivals camp series is of course the competition to the Opening.  Rival companies rival everything rival kids participating and battling for recognition.  What is interesting about this camp is that it would allow students to self nominate.  There is not a huge emphasis on testing data, it seems more focused on game film and coaches.  That being said, this is another national select event.  You need some recognition to get an invite.  With Rivals camp registration is online but you also need to get that film sent over to them.  They would like you to send an email to them.  Check out the FAQ and get registered you could be the next big thing.

this is the 2016 image, 2017 schedule not out yet

4 FBU Top Gun Showcase

FBU Top Gun

The FBU top gun showcase is a young camp in comparison to the others but it has a middle school twist to it.  As more and more kids are working hard to improve skills the recruiting and getting noticed game has moved to middle school.  This area is no longer reserved for the coaches kid that would get a scholarship offer when he is in eighth grade.  Get out there and get noticed.

5 NUC Camps and Combines

The NUC guys have been around for years and have a growing offering of camps and combine events.  They are pushing the 7 on 7 world forward and helping kids get noticed across the country.  If you are looking for an introduction to the competitive world or can’t travel that far NUC is a good alternative.

NUC camp event