Fire Dragons Important Info

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Fees: The fee for 2019 is $150.00 per child.
the fees cover Practice, 4 tournaments, and uniforms
There may be a fundraiser for teams that want to travel out of state

Parent Meeting Schedule Update
3 pm – 430 pm- 3-4 and 5-6 groups will meet. Please Bring the kids and bring some cleats we will review some basics with coach Bakker.
5pm – All 7-8th kids and parents will meet and kids will work with coach Sauser.

Parent Meeting Location
Address: 311 W Marengo Rd Tiffin Iowa
Outside will be the CCA Middle School field
Inside will be in the CCA Middle school Gym in case of weather

Parent Meeting/Travel squad tryout March 30th for 7/8th grade travel team. Please indicate on your registration if you will be participating in this tryout. The Team fee can be paid online or by cash or check on the day of the parent meeting.

Tournaments: We will play at least 3 tournaments
1 Playmaker Spring Inferno April 27
2 Playmaker Iowa Elite July 13
3 Central City 5v5 Passing Tournament July 7
4 Playmaker Preseason August ??