Fire Dragons Travel Squad information for Parents

It is here and we are a GO!!! With the help of some great friends and supporters we are able to put a high school 7v7 team together. So there are a million questions is to answer and we will do our best to address what we have going on so that people understand what we are doing.

Parents please understand that our primary goal is to develop skill and go find competition. There will be bumps in the road and schedules to manage but we will do our best to give all Dragons an excellent experience where they will be challenged to upgrade their levels of physical and mental understanding of football.

We will have 1 team in 2 age groups for the travel team. So we will break down the information for parents into the 2 groups so we can clarify coaches, practice, events ETS as they are different for High School than they are for Junior High.

Program Director: Trevor Bollers
Although I love coaching I can not be involved with this group due to Iowa high school rules. However, I will always do my best to help and work with the group. I have had over 22 years of coaching experience from everything through youth sports, to semi pro sports. My philosophy is you only get one chance to be young and play this game if you choose to do it. It is like nothing else so while you have the chance do it as much as you can.

High School | Junior High 7-8

High School Fire Dragons
Goals and Purpose
What are we after here. Is it scholarships or skills. There is a reason we are in this position doing this as a group. The reason this group is being put together is to take a group of kids from Iowa and go compete. When that competition is experienced, then skills become sharper and abilities become part of what you do automatically, not something you have to think about before you do it. This increase in level is what we are doing here. When that level is attained is when eyes turn and eyebrows raise. Exposure comes from ability and the willingness to put that ability on display. We are here to build the ability, then display it for those that make decisions to see.

Head: Corey Schlemme – Bio coming soon
Assistant: Coming Soon

Practices – Sundays at Noon CCA Middle School Gym
As of right now our practices will be held at Clear Creek Amana Middle school. Right now Sundays at Noon is our time that we can get together. The Gym will allow us to put in work and gain the skills. It is what you make of it! As soon as we can get outside we will push practice back so that we can take pressure off of our guys

Competitions Schedule
March 28 – 29, Indianapolis IN – Pylon
April 18, Omaha Nebraska – Nebraska Elite Invitational
May 2 – 3, Rockford Ill – NFA Midwest Regional
May 24 – Playmaker 7v7 Cannon Fight
June College 7v7 tournament

7-8th Grade – Junior High Fire Dragons
Goals and Purpose
Our set of powerful future dragons will battle with some strong competition. You guys have an excellent opportunity to develop knowledge, capability and skill. This is a skills development group not an exposure group. The goal here is to be part of the game so that the skills can develop. Decisions can be made faster, pre-snap routines can be learned, and small advantages can be recognized and exploited. Development is the key for this level so we will work and develop. This age group is combined 7 – 8th grade.

Head – Mikkel Brown
An enthusiastic, passionate coach that can’t help but outwardly encourage kids to get better.
Assistant – Andy Langrabe
Andy can’t help but be around football. His primary statement after our first tryout was if we could keep everyone because they all had special qualities. Andy will give his all and some.

Practices – Sundays at Noon CCA Middle School Gym
Practices for the JH crew will be the same as the high school to begin with. Noon on Sundays. Then we will check on availability because saturdays in the gym are open and we could move either the high school or the JH crew to saturdays for practices.

Competitions Schedule

April 4 Empire 7v7 – Overland Park KS
April 18 Nebraska Elite Invitational – Omaha NE
May 9 FBU Spring Shootout Barrington/Rosemont IL
May 24 Playmaker 7v7 Cannon Fight – Tiffin IA
June 14 Playmaker 7v7 Early Summer Inferno – Tiffin IA
July 18 Playmaker Iowa Elite – Tiffin IA
August 1 Iowa 7 on 7 State Tournament – Oskaloosa IA