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The Dragon’s Breath 3/8/2020

Great things happening for the Dragons so lets get to all the fun.
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Inferno squad high school team is working hard on their way to being prepared for Pylon Indianapolis. The team is made up of high school players from Clear Creek, CR Prairie, CR Xavier Linn Mar, Davenport North, Mount Vernon, Benton, and Iowa City High. we are excited to get things rolling with our high school travel program with this gang. It will be a challenging season as they will be out there battling some of the best teams in the country and they will take their lumps. However, there is nothing more true than the statement you can’t be the best unless you beat the best. So let’s face it you can’t beat the best if you don’t go to where they play. This group and coach Corey Schlemme have done an awesome job of learning more about the game and have had 2 successful scrimmages.

Local Squad parent meeting
The local squads had parent meeting today at the middle school football field. There was a lot of energy and a lot of great questions. Those questions and answers will be added to the parent information page for all parents. To learn more about events that we will play in go to where the events are listed that are in the state of Iowa.

Head Gear
If you choose to get the custom headgear option we will order those from Game Breaker by next saturday so please have orders in. For the headgear as soon as possible. If you choose to get other options you can look at this link that would provide options from WalMart and Amazon

The Dragons Breath News 2/2020

Hello Fire Dragons Family. We have plenty to be excited about and lots of news so lets get to it. High School Inferno Squad is complete with 16 members. I will post the roster tomorrow and fully announce the team that will travel to Indianapolis, Rockford, Omaha and Nebraska. We will have plenty of adversity ahead of that team but I am positive coach Schlemme will have them ready. Coach Schlemme is assisted by Coach Meek who is doing double duty to be the defensive expert.

Dragons Local High School Squad – With the travel squads in a good place we can start focusing on March 8th the date of the parent meeting, 3pm at the cca middle school field. We have plenty of opportunity to play local squads this year in some week day scrimmages and then get ready to beat down our competition in the events. At this point we have a coach for at least one team for each division with a coach. 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. We do not have a coach for the local high school squad but we should have that figured out in a bit. If we have 18 Kids we will split at that point into 2 teams.

Coach Meek has been working out on sundays with some of the younger boys. The sessions have been fun. If you would like to join them please let us know on the facebook page.

Soft Helmets are required for this season if you would like a dragons custom soft helmet I will announce these at the Parents meeting but I have a picture for you and a link to Game Breaker. You are not required to go with that brand. There are other cost effective brands that are available like Champro and I will have links to those as well.

Travel Squad will not practice Sunday Feb 2 2020

We have had an awesome start to our travel squad program. Lots and lots of energy. It has been fun seeing all of the inferno squad posts. Rising squad full team is still a work in progress but we have a strong base of kids. Just need 4 more 7-8th graders to complete the group.
Uniforms are designed and ready for this group and we are entered into the Pylon Indianapolis. Remember we are there to play ball not trash. Talk with our plays not with our mouths.
No practice on Feb 2nd #roastem

Local squad uniform designs are set. Registration forms are available. Also we are excited about working with programs from the quad cities and Iowa city to build this thing up in iowa. #7v7 football. Even more exciting is the red zone razors 7v7 which is being built by Tyler Blum. Coach Blum does an amazing job so we are looking forward to matching up with those guys for years to come.

Hot Feet Fire Dragons Partner with Gamebreaker Headgear

Great things come to those who are willing to make it happen. Our goal is to be a top level organization seeking out the best for our kids. GameBreaker is the alpha dog of head gear for touch football and other sports. This partnership allows the Dragons to get special pricing for our teams.

Our partner Rod Alma from Hawaii has been working hard to make the Fire Dragons part of the GameBreaker family. I will say that the Fire Dragons are looking forward to being a top level organization.

Fire Dragons Hold Jr High and High School Travel Tryouts

On December 22nd 2019 the Hot Feet fire dragons 7v7 club held their first ever elite travel team tryouts. For this first time we had a solid turn out of 19 talented Jr High and High School Athletes. Regina High School was gracious enough to provide the location inside of their awesome 2 story indoor facility.

The second we took to the field, the competition heat up. We were able to get a full work out in complete with 1v1 and and group play. We had head coach Corey Schleme and 4 other coaches in attendance to review players and provide some guidance to our teams. All in all it was a positive event for 7v7 in Iowa. The Hot Feet Fire Dragons are the 3rd Travel 7 on 7 team to get organized in the state of Iowa, following Team Iowa 7 on 7
@7v7Iowa and Level Up Athletics @LevelUpAP.

Shout out to JC Moreau and The Strength U @thestrengthu for supporting what we are doing. Shout out to the Cedar Rapids River Kings @goriverkings of the IFL for partnering with us. On April 4th 2020 the Fire Dragons will play at half time of a River Kings game.

July Before the Playmaker is all about trying to get time on field.

Hello Teams, Lots to share in this next little bit of time.  


1. Central City 5v5 tournament is on.  I was able to find a few other teams to play so we have an event!!!!
1.1 I won’t have schedule until tomorrow.  So 7-8 and 5-6 grade dragons will play in this tournament on sunday the 7th.  
1.2 3-4th grade Dragons will scrimmage Diplomats and Durant at 5pm on Sunday the 7th.  This is more for learning than a game so if you can make it pleas come dressed in gear.  

2. We are still on for the tournament on the 20th and the games will be at the cca Middle School
3. We are still on for the tournament on August 4th and the games will be at the cca middle school

Since there has been so much flux with baseball I would like to drop in practices on Wednesday the 3rd at 530pm at the middle school.  There is a baseball game on the 3rd at home as well, so we will have to park in the lot of the old middle school entrance.  
Then Tuesday the 9th at 530pm and Tuesday the 16th.  There just seem to be a lot going on during the weekends so I am trying Tuesdays to see if we can get the band fully together before we go into action at our events so we can be organized and have an awesome showing.  

Please don’t stress if you can’t make Tuesdays or tomorrow I am just trying to get time with the guys. 

Part 3 of fees is due if you have been making payments.  Or please provide a check at practice.  
you can also pay online at 


The Dragons Breath News Letter #4

Hello Dragons we are working on the swag for fans and families. We will have it up right away. 
Hi, the overwhelming majority of parents liked our Sunday times so that is what we will go with. We are on for Sunday the 19th and June 2nd and keep going with June 16, 30 which gets us to Tournament season.  Lets Make the time 5pm so that those in baseball tournaments that are not worn out from all the running around diamonds can join us after their early or late exit from the diamonds.  I am working on adding the google calendar to the web site so that everyone can see all of these dates.  It should be up there tomorrow.

Sorry for the up in the air dates; we found that we had a conflict with other events.  
What we have are 3 solid dates for Fire Dragons events.  
July 7 Central City 5 v 5 football tournament.  We will support these guys as we hope that more organizations provide events that our club can attend.
July 20th Playmaker 7v7 Iowa Elite tournament.  We will move forward strong and hopefully bring some national level teams to compete with us.  We are always after competition to help us grow. 
August 4 Iowa 7 on 7 Football Preseason Kick Off – This will start our last event of the summer and the start of camps and preparation for high school, Junior high, YSF and youth flag seasons.

I will be in touch as soon as I find some teams for us to scrimmage

Fan Gear
We will have a link to some awesome Fire Dragons Fan Gear.  I want to make sure we are ready to go for our events.  

There were several families that needed help with getting new uniforms re-ordered.  Please let me know if the problem is the top, Bottom or both.  I will get orders in at an extra charge for the replacement parts.  Our Uniform cost is $60.  I would like all reorders in to me by Monday the 13th.  

Photos from the tournament can be found on hotfeetsports facebook page @hotfeetsports on facebook.  There is a playmaker album.  Thank you to all that took and posted pictures.

Link to the pay by credit card is below

Please let me know if you have any questions 
thank you for your support #roastem

7v7 Football the basics

7v7 football is very popular around the United states. Every team from highschool to college to professionals use 7v7 as part of their practices in order to work on the passing game fundamentals and schemes needed to be effective on game day. What people did is take that period and turn it in the the actual game that is played. The game is wildly popular in California, Texas and most southern states. However, rules vary from group to group. National Groups include Pylon 7v7 and National 7on7

7v7 or 7on7 is not flag football. There is no blocking, no tackling, no flag pulling and contact is not encouraged. The primary contact in the game is the one hand touch to mark a player down at the spot of the touch. The reason this is awesome is it encourages the game to continue playing fast which, is when the fun is happening. More plays, mean more routes run, mean more passes thrown and caught or defended, means more fun for all participants.

7v7 is actually 6v7 with 6 offensive players that are not part of the offensive line. The other 5 players of 11 man football have to be part of the offensive line and are not eligible to go down field when passing. There are 7 defenders that are normally working to defend the passing game. That is any combination of Linebackers, Corners and Safeties can be used to defend the pass. for example 3 linebackers and 2 safeties and 2 corner is on group or 4 linebackers, 2 corners and 1 safety.

The Hotfeet Fire Dragons 7on7 club is a grassroots club dedicated to building understanding of the game of football through participation in tournaments, and practices where size does not matter if you can throw and catch or even run in the right direction you can play. Yes you have to be able to run in the right direction. Nobody will throw you the ball if you are going the wrong way.