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The Dragons Breath News 2/2020

Hello Fire Dragons Family. We have plenty to be excited about and lots of news so lets get to it. High School Inferno Squad is complete with 16 members. I will post the roster tomorrow and fully announce the team that will travel to Indianapolis, Rockford, Omaha and Nebraska. We will have plenty of adversity ahead of that team but I am positive coach Schlemme will have them ready. Coach Schlemme is assisted by Coach Meek who is doing double duty to be the defensive expert.

Dragons Local High School Squad – With the travel squads in a good place we can start focusing on March 8th the date of the parent meeting, 3pm at the cca middle school field. We have plenty of opportunity to play local squads this year in some week day scrimmages and then get ready to beat down our competition in the events. At this point we have a coach for at least one team for each division with a coach. 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. We do not have a coach for the local high school squad but we should have that figured out in a bit. If we have 18 Kids we will split at that point into 2 teams.

Coach Meek has been working out on sundays with some of the younger boys. The sessions have been fun. If you would like to join them please let us know on the facebook page.

Soft Helmets are required for this season if you would like a dragons custom soft helmet I will announce these at the Parents meeting but I have a picture for you and a link to Game Breaker. You are not required to go with that brand. There are other cost effective brands that are available like Champro and I will have links to those as well.