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The Dragon’s Breath 3/8/2020

Great things happening for the Dragons so lets get to all the fun.
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Inferno squad high school team is working hard on their way to being prepared for Pylon Indianapolis. The team is made up of high school players from Clear Creek, CR Prairie, CR Xavier Linn Mar, Davenport North, Mount Vernon, Benton, and Iowa City High. we are excited to get things rolling with our high school travel program with this gang. It will be a challenging season as they will be out there battling some of the best teams in the country and they will take their lumps. However, there is nothing more true than the statement you can’t be the best unless you beat the best. So let’s face it you can’t beat the best if you don’t go to where they play. This group and coach Corey Schlemme have done an awesome job of learning more about the game and have had 2 successful scrimmages.

Local Squad parent meeting
The local squads had parent meeting today at the middle school football field. There was a lot of energy and a lot of great questions. Those questions and answers will be added to the parent information page for all parents. To learn more about events that we will play in go to where the events are listed that are in the state of Iowa.

Head Gear
If you choose to get the custom headgear option we will order those from Game Breaker by next saturday so please have orders in. For the headgear as soon as possible. If you choose to get other options you can look at this link that would provide options from WalMart and Amazon