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The Dragons Breath V5.0

With lockdown coming to an end and we start looking for ways to move forward as a fire dragons 7v7 team we have some things to consider as adjustments to what we are doing. We have also added our covid waiver which is based on the USSSA waiver that they modified from Saddler Insurance and I have results from our Return to play guidelines. Uniforms will be given to coaches then provided to players.

Return to play

Youth Sport Have been allowed by the governor. I have spoken with Tiffin and we are allowed to use soccer fields to have small group practices before the June 1st and regular practices after the first. The plan is for coaches to plan a weekday practice and a sunday practice coaches will be reaching out to get organized. We will not have whole club practices this year so teams will practice at the fields based on how they are scheduled.

Please make it clear by thursday May 28th if you are choosing not to play this summer so that we can coordinate teams.

The CDC has indicated that Covid 19 is a an illness that can be passed by people who don’t look, sound or appear to be sick. The latest parent information videos on covid from the CDC can be found here.

Player responsibilities for games and practices
1. No spitting
2. Wear gloves
3. Do not share water with other players
4. Limit touching of other players in between reps and waiting in line
5. No hand shakes at games or practices

Parent responsibilities
1. Social distance while waiting or leave practice
2. Do a pre-event test on your child including temperature check
3. Have you and your child use sanitizer before and after practice
4. Provide receiver gloves for your child
5. Hold your child from participating if they show signs of illness of any type
6. Sign the Fire Dragons waiver (Required)

Coach responsibilities
1. Keep Lines spread out
2. Keep activity groups small
3. Sanitize equipment before and after practice
4. Take the process seriously and help guide the kids
5. Wear your own gloves (if we ask the kids to wear gloves when touching equipment why are coaches different)

Events Update

It was requested that we stay local with Events. As you can see we are in Tiffin, Oskaloosa and Des Moines
Events for all groups have been adjusted.
June 6 – High School and Junior High teams in Oskaloosa
June 14 – All age groups in Tiffin or Coralville
June 27/28 Depends on if there are enough registrations (Not scheduled but possible)
July 11 All age groups in Des Moines
July 19 All age groups in Tiffin
August 1-2 All age groups in Oskaloosa

Events will not require soft helmets this year but be aware that they will be required next year 2021. Events will require temperature reporting on the day of events. All parents will be responsible to check the temps of people participating and attending the event. Social distancing will be required by spectators and we ask that you limit the number of spectators for these events.

Covid Survey Results

  1. Practice Before Play -The vast majority of our parents said they would feel better if we had a practice before first event.
  2. Return to play – June is when most want to start events.
  3. Waiver – 90% of those responding said they would have no problem. Some have indicated that they would like to see it first. It is the base one from usssa and saddler insurance
  4. I had one refund request. Please let me know if you are not interested in playing this season.
  5. The above team procedures are based on the suggestions made by parents on our survey and guidelines from other like USA Football.


  1. We can play and the first JH/High School event is June 6th in Oskaloosa
  2. The first youth event is June 14th in Tiffin
  3. We can practice in small groups at Tiffin Soccer fields Starting May 26th
  4. Regular practice can start June 1
  5. Guidelines for practice are above
  6. Masks are not mandatory
  7. Gloves are mandatory
  8. If you choose not to participate this season Please have the courtesy to tell us by May 28th.
  9. Uniforms are in and will be distributed at practice
  10. If you ordered soft helmets those will arrive before june 14th event
  11. If you have not done so yet please at least pay the first portion of the fee using the payment options.

We look forward to getting everyone on the field this summer. #ROASTEM

Fire dragons covid questionnaire