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Recruiting Real Talk E4 Social Review

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E4 of recruiting real talk is down right real.  Let it be known right here right now that we have clarified one simple truth about recruiting.  You have to put it out on the field, and do what you need to do to show your skills off.  This is the first and most important rule of recruiting.  If all of your work and exposure show you not performing or having poor body language, recruiting will be very challenging for you.  People notice people that perform when the lights are on.  This is not to say that all of your hard work behind the scenes go to waste it just means you have to reevaluate the work and consider some changes if playing between the lines, is not translating from playing in practice.

Alright, with that clarity out of the way lets look at the rest of E4.  We answered 3 questions from parents in our mailbag section.  JC and Trevor can’t wait to get more from our listeners.  If you had a question for Christoph Trappe please let us know we will get it to him and share the answer.  So how do we connect with you is what you are asking.  Simple!

All – recruitingrealtalk at
Trevor – @hotfeetsports – twitter,
JC – @thestrengthu -twitter,
Christoph – @ctrappe – twitter

The NCAA Eligibility Clearing House has a great twitter feed.  @ncaaec
Simply knowing this site exists is a step in the right direction for prospective students and parents.

Lastly be on the lookout for future episodes.  We have some great guests that you don’t want to miss including a Volley ball recruiter, NAIA baseball coach, Former Chicago Bear whose son just committed to Air force.  and many more.  Keep it real, and keep it about recruiting.

For your twitter profile set up here are some tips.
1. make sure either your name or your handle has your actual name in it.  It makes it easier for people to find you

2. Location can be city alone, school alone or both

3. Link should be set to your profile that would take a coach directly to you or your film.

4. Make the description fun and add your graduation year.

Hot Feet Inferno In Action at Strength U

Great hot feet inferno videos from The Strength U

Iowa City West High School athletes Oliver Martin and Caden Fedeler, and Solon High School athlete Kendrick Harris burning up the Inferno by Hot Feet Sports. Way to focus fellas and great job moving those feet with some purpose!!
‪#‎fastfeet‬ ‪#‎quickness‬ ‪#‎pitterpatter

We pulled out the Inferno® by Hot Feet Sports today and will be incorporating it more for the remainder of our Summer workouts! Emphasizing mechanics, knee drive, foot positions and arm swing with these guys today! I want to wish three of them Cody Schroeder , TJ B and Ethan O. Good Luck at State Baseball this weekend! Go hard and make a statement!! Iowa Baseball Iowa Pediatric Dental Center Iowa City Press-Citizen

Hot Feet Make Plays

Hot Feet Make Plays!!!! Hot Feet is a big part of many sports.  Everyone wants to be the playmaker the BMOC or BWOC  that people cheer for and love.  Make the plays you are supposed to make, and be in the position to make plays that others would not even think of, then rinse and repeat .

hot feet

Live the rules, break the rules and find your own path to success.

video on success
video on success

Check this sweet video from Arnold on success.  Playmakers embrace greatness!!  When I watched this video I immediately embraced all of the things that were being said.  Why, why would I embrace this video right away.  The answer lies in the who, not the what.  The who is a man that redefined his sport, and did not stop there.  Every thing he decided to do after his body building career he attacked with the same vigor.  All the way to being Governor of California.  Watch the video feel the power, embrace the grind and get to work.



Applaud Greatness

Each year when the season ends for the 8th grade football team we have a small party with lots of ice cream and cookies.  The event is primarily geared toward collecting the gear that we give out to all of the kids so that we as coaches are not required to chase them for a whole school year to bring back the equipment.  In my first year at the school I decided to give out awards.  This was met with some concern from my athletic director as many parents get caught up about distinguishing one kid from another.  We had several discussions about the topic in the weeks leading up to the end of the season.  My athletic director has a vision of what he would like to get the program and believes if he lets his coaches work through things they will keep the benefit of the kids in mind.  I went and built the awards with materials I bought with my own money.  I had a excitement running through my veins as I spray painted a rawhide bone blue for the Ready, Able, Willing award which to me was the most important one of all.

The day came to have our meeting my assistants and I had decided that all but the MVP awards would be selected by coaches.  We wanted the boys to have ownership in who they chose to be their MVP.  However, we shortened the list of candidates to deter the pranksters from choosing anybody and derailing my goals of having the team elevate a deserving team member that served them well through the season.  I had asked the seventh grade head coach if he wanted to join us in the awards ceremonies.  He smiled and said,” you are not a teacher so your job is not really on the line of some parent complains”.  I smiled and said “very true my friend I will move forward on this”

The time came to unveil our work.  one of the parents that helped me coach was a pretty handy guy so he built 4 of the awards and I built 4 of them.  Remember it is football there are a lot of kids and reasons to award someone for their service to the team.  We showed the boys the awards and their eyes lit up.  They all came over to look at them and read the descriptions on each of them.  Some boys walked away hoping it was theirs.  Others smiled and yelled out things like winner to play off their fears of maybe actually winning and then what?  Would I now be looked at as some sort of leader?

Before we gave out the first award I told the boys that for years they were all given the same medal or trophy for showing up.  However, today only a few people would get to hold the awards at the front of the room as their own and only a few would get to be in the picture.  I asked them to clap for their team mates that were selected.  I asked them to consider their season individually and what it may have taken in order for their name to be called.  I asked them to accept the challenge of being the one called in years to come because they would be entering high school.  My goal was simple, applaud greatness and aspire to it.  Aspire to be more than you are today and cheer on your team mates that have the ability to serve the team in a manner that would distinguish them.  I told them to push to be distinguishable from all the rest so that if given an award it would not be one that was given to everyone but one that celebrates their uniqueness.  The last thing I told them is that the next few years would provide them an opportunity to choose greatness as their goal in whatever they decided to pursue.

The whole gang!!! Great potential in this group.

Posted by Trevor Bollers on Monday, October 19, 2015

Then we called the names and the boys clapped for their team mates and we took pictures.  Then we took pictures of all of them together with the recipients holding their trophies.  This year was my 4th year of handing out the trophies and now boys start the season wondering what they need to do in order to be one of the guys holding one of them.  Word has spread all the way down to the youth program about awards that only a few get.

I don’t believe in medals and trophies for participating.  Ribbons serve the purpose very well.  I don’t believe that focusing your energies to win at all costs is important either.  My parents have a basement full of my awards who will care about them when I am gone?  I found medals from people long gone and wondered what they needed to do in order to be selected for such an award and I realized that it as not the award that was important but the service to the society as a whole that came from a person trying to achieve greatness that helps us all.