Dragon’s Breath V10

The Fire Dragons of all sports and ages are pushing to get it done!

7v7 football:
In the last tournament for 7v7 football the 6th grade Fire Dragons participated in the Back to Ballin’ tournament at the UNI dome on March 25-26. Completing the tournament with a 2-3 finish.

A HUGE congrats to the Fire Dragons 7v7 football teams to be recognized by Prep Redzone, as well as making it onto the media!

The next tournament for 7v7 football will be April 18th at The Tournament Of Legends in Marion, Iowa. Good Luck to all of our Fire Dragons teams that are participating!

The first ever volleyball season for Hot Feet has come to a close.

17u Scorch: Finished their season with high competition, lots of improvement and lots of fun!


15u Torch: Finished their season at Regionals placing second in the Flight 1 bracket. All players showed lots of improvement with strong competition.

15 Torch

15u Blaze: Finished 4th overall in the state of Iowa for the regional division. Nice work ladies! So many improvements have been made since the beginning of the season.

15 Blaze

15u Spark: Finished first in the silver bracket at their first-ever regionals with the Fire Dragons! This team has grown and improved since the beginning of the season.

15 Spark
15 Spark

13u Roast: Finished their season in the Flight 1 bracket at regionals. Lots of growth and improvement from these girls!


Thank you to our first ever volleyball teams and all of your hard work! We can’t wait to see what the future brings for our future teams!