Dragons Breath V12

Here is the latest and greatest in the Hot Feet world!!

6th-grade boys basketball has hit the ground running. With events back to back these boys are racking up the points!

All teams are out and performing well while putting several hours on the court each week!

11u Spark has finished 2nd in their first 2 tournaments

11u Spark

14u Torch finished 3rd in their first 2 tournaments

14u Torch

15u Scorch has finished 4th in their first 2 tournaments

15u Scorch

16u Blaze finished 2nd in the constellation bracket in their first tournament, with another tournament just around the corner!

16u Blaze

16u Inferno has finished 2nd in their first 2 tournaments of the season

16u Inferno

7v7 Football:

Tryouts are still underway and teams are still being formed but these dragons are ready to show their scales! Uniform designs are set for the teams this season!

The sticker order forms are still open! Order your stickers today to support the Hot Feet Fire Dragons! #roastem