Email Sent with Information

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Good evening lots to cover so I will get right down to it.
Please read the whole email there is lots of info.

Looking for coaches
We are always looking for coaches to join our ranks.  Our 10U coach from last year learned enough to start his own team this year.  We have a playbook, practice plans and drills through the summer to help our coaches out.  The only time you may be alone is when we are at events that Iowa 7v7 is hosting.  However, one of our other coaches are normally around.  The coaching application is at –  

Next Practice – Full Schedule finalized Feb 10
Saturday the 3rd we will be at HTRC again at 6pm
Address: 2820 Prairie Meadow Dr, Iowa City, IA 52246
6 to 730pm is 10U and 12U Iowa turf
730 to 9pm is 14U and 15U Iowa turf Teams – please help us recruit more 10 and 12U players.  
10U One Team – Can Add 3 more players
12U One Team – Need 5 Players to complete the team and 14U 2 teams – Working on rosters and should have placement for the team by Feb 10
15U 2 teams – Working on rosters and should have placement for the team by Feb 10 Placement is also based on availability for events.  

We want to travel to some events
the travel schedule and availability form will be available tomorrow. Uniforms – we want to get these ordered right after Feb 10Gear Store – Fan Gear coming soon.

Last Years Fees were $600/ person. Events and practice space have all increased in price so I am checking to see if we can decrease that but it is not looking likely.