Fire Dragons Basketball

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Here we go again with our new basketball program to provide an opportunity for kids of all skill levels to join a team and play across the state of Iowa. Fire Dragons Basketball is a developmental program geared and introducing novice players to the game and taking advanced players to their next skill level. The value of the program is not in the few games we play but in the time spent on skill development and game process understanding. At Hot Feet we are not Barnstormers or All Iowa attack that work to put together teams of individuals from across the state that have developed high level skills. Those guys do a great job of getting kids that want high level exposure to places they can do that. Hot Feet wants to get you ready to join those types of programs if your love and passion for the game push you to want to compete for a spot on an elite travel team. Our job is to give all kids the opportunity to find out they want that level by providing a platform for growth through inclusion. We develop the love of the game

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