Fire Dragons High School information for Parents

in 2021 the dragons soared out into the world and had an amazing season. Our program featured our National, Regional, and local teams competing in events across Iowa, the midwest and the country. The goal of our Fire Dragons High School program is not to say we are the best or the biggest or bla bla bla stuff that does not matter. We are about DEVELOPMENT. Development through reps, development through opportunity, development through competition. In our opinion that is what 7v7 season is all about.

Parents please understand that our primary goal is to develop skill and go find competition. There will be bumps in the road and schedules to manage but we will do our best to give all Dragons an excellent experience where they will be challenged to upgrade their levels of physical and mental understanding of football.

For an explanation on costs and Fees check here.

We will have 3 high school teams in 23. The inferno and our Blaze squad that will stay regional around the midwest but have one long trip to Nashville for the prep red zone event. Scorch Squad that will play regional as well and will attend the same number of events just might not be the same event. The difference between the groups really is how far depending on ability and desire to travel as well as our coaches assessment.

Practice schedule for All teams
HTRC – 2820 Prairie Meadow Dr, Iowa City IA
FC United – 8610 Millburn RD, Cedar Rapids IA

Sunday2/5/20236pm6:30 PM8:00 PMFull Iowa Turf
Sunday2/19/20236pm6:30 PM8:00 PMFull Iowa Turf
Sunday2/26/20236pm6:30 PM8:00 PMFull Iowa Turf
Sunday3/5/20236pm6:30 PM8:00 PMFull Iowa Turf
Sunday3/12/20236pm6:30 PM8:00 PMFull Iowa Turf
Sunday2/19/20236pm6:30 PM8:00 PMFull Iowa Turf

Program Director: Trevor Bollers
Although I love coaching I can not be involved with this group due to Iowa high school rules. However, I will always do my best to help and work with the group. I have had over 23 years of coaching experience from everything through youth sports, to semi pro football. My philosophy is you only get one chance to be young and play this game if you choose to do it. It is like nothing else so while you have the chance do it as much as you can.

2021 My 7 on 7 Event Champions 5-6th grade Incinerate

Inferno | Blaze | Scorch

Inferno and Blaze Squad
Goals and Purpose
What are we after here. Is it scholarships or skills. There is a reason we are in this position doing this as a group. The reason this group is being put together is to take a group of kids from Iowa and go compete. When that competition is experienced, then skills become sharper and abilities become part of what you do automatically, not something you have to think about before you do it. This increase in level is what we are doing here. When that level is attained is when eyes turn and eyebrows raise. Exposure comes from ability and the willingness to put that ability on display. We are here to build the ability, then display it for those that make decisions to see.

Head: Ben Slife
Assistant: Adam Hermsen

Practices – Hawkeye tennis and recreation center
Practices – FC United
Practices – CCA High School Turf

Competitions Schedule – 7 Events

Scorch Squad – Freshmen
Goals and Purpose
Develop, Develop, Develop is the name of the game. Compete get better and develop the skills that will get you on the field as a top level performer in 2021 for your team. We will work on the little things and build knowledge of the game. Then we will put that knowledge to the test.

Head: James Ruan
Assistant: Braden Ruskey

Practices – Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Center
Practices – FC United
Practices – CCA High School
Practices for the Scorch crew will be the same as the Inferno Squad to and skills session. This group is critical to the growth of the fire dragons as they are next up to shine.

Competitions Schedule 7 Events

MarchSunday19thCouncil Bluffs, IAPlaymaker Wild Wild West
March Saturday/Sunday25th – 26thNashville, TNPrep Red Zone Nashville
AprilSaturday/Sunday15th – 16thCedar Falls, IAIowa 7v7 Back 2 Ballin
AprilSaturday22thBettendorf, IAPlaymaker Mississippi Mayhem
MaySaturday/Sunday13th – 14thLincoln, NECornhusker Mother’s Day Showdown
MaySaturday28thCarroll, IASling and shoot
JuneSaturday3rdCoralville, IAMidwest Championship