HotFeet Fire Dragons 7v7

Hot feet Fire Dragons is a youth and high school 7v7 football club. Our goal is to get kids out and playing whenever we can. We are an inclusive club that is focused on keeping kids active. We will do our best to find a team for your child to play on.

Here is a gang of pictures and videos for you to take a look at what we do

Travel Squad Information

In 2020 The Hot Feet Fire Dragons High School and 7-8th grade Junior High Travel squads will compete in events around the midwest. The goal is to go find competition and become better players for it. Below is the link to the registration for the Travel Teams. Please note that the local teams program will not change and will have a registration starting in February.

Hot feet Fire Dragons Travel Squad Registration There is a $25 Fee to try out for the travel squad

Local Squad Information

In 2020 the Hot Feet Fire Dragons Local Squads will stay around Iowa and play in events hosted in the state of Iowa. Iowa 7v7 football has created many events to keep kids that join the club busy through the spring and summer. Age groups for local squads are 3-4th, 5-6th, and 7-8th. Check out results from last season on Iowa 7v7 football web site.

Hot Feet Fire Dragons Local Squad Registration form.