Dragons Breath V12

Here is the latest and greatest in the Hot Feet world!!

6th-grade boys basketball has hit the ground running. With events back to back these boys are racking up the points!

All teams are out and performing well while putting several hours on the court each week!

11u Spark has finished 2nd in their first 2 tournaments

11u Spark

14u Torch finished 3rd in their first 2 tournaments

14u Torch

15u Scorch has finished 4th in their first 2 tournaments

15u Scorch

16u Blaze finished 2nd in the constellation bracket in their first tournament, with another tournament just around the corner!

16u Blaze

16u Inferno has finished 2nd in their first 2 tournaments of the season

16u Inferno

7v7 Football:

Tryouts are still underway and teams are still being formed but these dragons are ready to show their scales! Uniform designs are set for the teams this season!

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Dragons Breath V11

Check out the latest news for our Fire Dragons!


The 6th grade boys’ basketball team is off to the races and bringing in wins. Just recently the boys competed in the Big Santa Basketball Tournament and took first place! Nice work boys!


Teams have been set and the players are ready to hit the ground running and chalk up wins for the club. This year we have:

Spark 11u: Trevor Bollers
Torch 14u: Madison Slay and Trisha Cornwell
Scorch 15u: Adam Cannon and Brandie Gross
Blaze 16u: Ashley Prusha
Inferno 16u: Cheyeanne Bunch and Amanda Koehn

7v7 Football:

The season is underway! The first event will be Dec 19th at the Hawkeye Tennis Recreation Center in Iowa City.

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Dragon’s Breath V10

The Fire Dragons of all sports and ages are pushing to get it done!

7v7 football:
In the last tournament for 7v7 football the 6th grade Fire Dragons participated in the Back to Ballin’ tournament at the UNI dome on March 25-26. Completing the tournament with a 2-3 finish.

A HUGE congrats to the Fire Dragons 7v7 football teams to be recognized by Prep Redzone, as well as making it onto the media!

The next tournament for 7v7 football will be April 18th at The Tournament Of Legends in Marion, Iowa. Good Luck to all of our Fire Dragons teams that are participating!

The first ever volleyball season for Hot Feet has come to a close.

17u Scorch: Finished their season with high competition, lots of improvement and lots of fun!


15u Torch: Finished their season at Regionals placing second in the Flight 1 bracket. All players showed lots of improvement with strong competition.

15 Torch

15u Blaze: Finished 4th overall in the state of Iowa for the regional division. Nice work ladies! So many improvements have been made since the beginning of the season.

15 Blaze

15u Spark: Finished first in the silver bracket at their first-ever regionals with the Fire Dragons! This team has grown and improved since the beginning of the season.

15 Spark
15 Spark

13u Roast: Finished their season in the Flight 1 bracket at regionals. Lots of growth and improvement from these girls!


Thank you to our first ever volleyball teams and all of your hard work! We can’t wait to see what the future brings for our future teams!

Dragon’s Breath V9

Currently in the world of Hot Feet Sports…

First and foremost, we would like to send a special thanks to Dylan Etscheidt for this AWESOME Fire Dragons picture he did for us!

7v7 Football Update:
We are currently in the process of putting teams together for the season!
Varsity Teams: Inferno, Blaze, Torch
Freshman Team: Scorch
7-8 Teams: Toast, Roast
5-6 Teams:  Incinerate, Burn
3-4 Team: Spark

Volleyball Update:
The first-ever season of volleyball for Hot Feet Sports is beginning to wind down, all teams have been competing at their highest levels! The Iowa Regionals Volleyball Tournament is just around the corner for each team.
17u Scorch plays March 13-14
15u Torch plays March 27-28
15u Blaze plays April 10-11
15u Spark plays April 10-11
13u Roast plays April 10-11
Best of luck to our volleyball teams for the end of the season!

17u Scorch
17u Scorch team bonding
15u Torch
15u Blaze
13u Roast

Basketball Update:
The 2020 basketball season is coming to an end for the 5th and 6th-grade team. This team has had 2 tournament victories and have continued to be competitive in all of their events!

The Dragons Breath V8

Lots going on in Hot Feet world so lets start with volleyball.

Dragons volleyball came out of the gate strong generating a lot of interest and will help over 50 girls enjoy the game. We have 5 teams for the 2020 season
17U Scorch – Coach Kayla Uhlenhake
15U Torch – Coach Emily Hanson, Nicole Latta
15U Blaze – Coach Ashley Prusha
15U Toast – Coach Adam Cannon, Brandie Gross
13U Roast – Coach Madison Slay

Meet our director Kayla Uhlenhake – (Broghammer)
Grew up in a strong volleyball community. Started all 4 years on varsity in HS. Player of the year my senior year in my conference. Played for Milwaukee Sting VBC growing up. Started all 4 years as a setter at Winona State University. Started coaching young, as I helped with youth camps in High school, Have been coaching club teams ranging from 12s to 17’s since my senior year in HS. Coach the varsity boys volleyball team for one year (between undergrad and grad school), which ended up in a 3rd place finish at the WI state tournament. Have coached club the last couple years here in Iowa. 

Our uniforms mocks look great and we are on our way to 6 events in the spring for each team. The season will hopefully conclude with a strong showing at the Iowa Regionals in Des Moines. The 3am training nights has been worth it to learn all of the procedures needed to run an organization. It is even more worth it when we see the smiles. Big thanks to our resident artist in training Coach Madi for updating the logo with the volleyball theme.


Practice has started and for all teams took some great pics of 13U day 1. It starts with Defense!! Hot feet make plays so move to the ball! More to come

7v7 Football season is getting closer and closer

We did it we found a spot to have our tryouts. Now lets get to work. Fire Dragons National and Regional squads will hold Tryouts on January 3rd 2021 at the new diamond dreams facility in North liberty. The biggest thing we realize is pe just have to find ways in covid world to make things happen.

We have So much more to do. Local Squad registrations coming right up.

thanks for reading

Hot Feet Make Plays


Dragons Breath V7

Lots has changed and things are very exciting going forward. Here is the skinny.

Hot Feet Sports going forward really does mean Hot Feet Sports. We are the organizers and coordinators for your sports team needs. The Hot Feet team will do all of your setup and coordination. We will find a coach if one is needed and we will provide guidance and support to the team as needed. We will handle team finances and fees collection and payments for events, insurance, uniforms, and all of the administrative duties like rules and certifications it takes to run a team. Hot Feet will get that done. We also have a home in Cosgrove at the Cosgrove Institute that gives us many options from teaching to gym space and field space.

What we ask is that your team be great competitors and sports people. Spread the light and joy of sport through the events that we play and compete to our highest level possible. So with that said lets introduce all of what we have going on so far.

Hot Feet Fire Dragons Basketball #DragonBallerZ
We have 2 basketball teams 13U and 11U Boys. This is just the beginning of lots of round ball fun for boys and girls in the area.

Hot Feet Fire Dragons Volleyball #FireBallers
The Volleyball program is also in the beginning of it’s processes. These squads will be a lot of fun to watch grow.
People helping: Kayla Broghammer – Director/ 17U coach