The Dragons Breath V6

Hello Fire Dragons 7v7 Football Family! We are nearing July, and what would normally be the meat of our season, but with covid, things have changed. I have updates for everyone on events and reminders about how we are proceeding. Any questions, please shoot us an email or facebook message, tweet, instagram, and you can also just use the phone and text.


The remaining events for this season are listed below. Please inform your coach as soon as possible if you can not make any of them. For the Nebraska event in July, and Wisconsin event in August, it is critical that we know as soon as possible so that we can decide to enter or not enter. If we do not have enough players, then we will not take a team to these events.

Playmaker 7v7 Fireball Frenzy
July 12 th, Coralville IA
Lots of teams coming in all divisions that have not been to coralville yet

Playmaker 7v7 Iowa Elite
July 19th, Coralville IA

Nebraska Elite Purge to Play
July 25th, Omaha Nebraska

NYFO Green Bay AIR Raid
August 16th Ledgeview Park, DePere Wi

What I need help with from all of our parents, is to communicate with your coaches for each of these events so that we know how many players we have for none, 1 or 2 teams for our divisions. I also need help, in that, if you have a helmet please ask your child to wear it because, although optional this year, it would be great to set the standard.

Event Photos

You can find photos from the past events at these links
Back to ballin pics
early summer inferno pics

Dragons are growing

We have been doing some great practices and hope that we are able take our game to the next levels. I know the Scorch 7-8 squad now understand what timing is for throwing the ball and how to fire the ball hard on slant and out routes so that they don’t get picked off. I have seen many of the 5-6th grade Burn and Blaze teams out working on throws. Torch and Roast 3-4th grade kid squads have not stopped putting in work out there with their teams. Lastly the Inferno squad is an interesting thing because we are lucky enough to feature kids from Linn-Mar, CCA, Cr Prairie, Mount Vernon, Burlington, Iowa City High, CR Xavier, Davenport North, and Benton. Our program is growing and causing other people in other places to share our passion. Thank you for Joining the Journey.